Convenient Conference and Event Spaces in Phuket

For thoughtfully designed conference facilities in Phuket, there is no better choice than Hivetel Phuket. The unique container concept of the property makes for an interesting aesthetic quality that will enhance the inspiration in every corporate gathering. From unique seminar spaces to corporate events to a weekly meeting room rental, Hivetel has the space and the architectural flair to impress.

Designed for success

Unlike many other boardrooms in the area, Hivetel combines nature and natural light into its meeting spaces, both of which are known to enhance productivity levels at corporate gatherings. The Hivetel design has resulted in a conference room in Phuket that is perfect for any and all corporate gatherings. When holding a meeting with external stakeholders, it’s important to create the right impression from the off, and this can be achieved with a strategically designed space that ticks all the boxes regarding both aesthetics and overall functionality. Be it a one-day meeting room booking or a multi-day business event, Hivetel has all the business facilities required to host gatherings from any industry successfully. Any additional items or services that lie outside of our meeting packages can be arranged by contacting the Meetings and Events Team in advance.

A broad range of amenities to assist with any meeting type

From the basics required of any meeting to the latest in audio-visual technology, Hivetel has all the facilities and amenities needed to host a conference unlike any other. Projectors, whiteboards, flipcharts and more make up the standard conference offering from Hivetel Phuket and extra elements can be added to ensure that each event is perfectly prepared. All of these wonderful additions can be incorporated into any meeting room rental package to ensure that every business has all it needs to host a successful meeting or conference event.

Additional seminar spaces

In addition to strategically designed meeting room spaces, Hivetel can offer comfortable breakout areas where attendees can hold smaller-scale meetings or brainstorming sessions. Hivetel can offer a complete package when it comes to hosting corporate meetings, that is sure to satisfy even the most astute of conference attendees. Working with Hivetel is much more than just renting a corporate meeting room for the day. The Hivetel property features many unique spaces that can be used to round out a corporate event, creating a complete package.

A Phuket business hotel with a difference

Hivetel is the only meeting room hotel in Phuket of its kind. The inspired architectural design combined with comfortable and affordable accommodations makes this the ideal choice for a corporate gathering on a budget. Affordable event space rental is one of the cornerstones of Hivetel’s mid-range concept. As an accommodation provider, Hivetel boasts rooms that are ideally designed for long-term business travellers and as a meeting room hotel is structured to offer the best in business facilities. For the perfect combination of strictly business in a relaxed atmosphere that breeds the best in corporate productivity, consider booking your next meeting or corporate event with Hivetel. Any special requests, including specific dietary requirements and additional presentation hardware, can be accommodated upon advance request.

Book your corporate function today

Contact the Meetings and Events Team today to discuss how you can prepare your next business meeting for success. With a broad range of facilities and seminar spaces, Hivetel can provide the perfect corporate meeting room for your next business function. Book online today and discover the wonders of doing business with Hivetel Phuket.